Links 5/8/19

Links for you. Science:

A short thread on the real source of the uBiome fiasco. Hint: it wasn’t venture capital’s pressure for aggressive growth.
NIH Wants Your Input on Increasing Diversity Among Biomedical Research Faculty
As measles cases spread, the tinder for more outbreaks is growing
Seal attacks, using an octopus
β-lactamase Amplification and Porin Loss Drive Progressive β-lactam Resistance in Recurrent ESBL Enterobacteriaceae Bacteremia


The only measure of “electability” is actually getting elected (excellent; must-read)
Most American workers would have more money with socialized health care
Make Elizabeth Warren Hate Again: We don’t just need Elizabeth Warren’s ideas. We need her rage.
The filmmaker who followed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign for 18 months says the freshman lawmaker was ‘looking forward to wearing regular clothes again’ before her stunning political upset
A court just dealt a blow to rigged elections. It probably won’t last.
Did Rod Rosenstein Pressure Mueller to Enter the Plea Deal with Paul Manafort?
No More Payoffs For Layoffs: Corporate mergers are bad news for the thousands of workers who lose their jobs. It’s a different story for the CEOs who can earn hundreds of millions of dollars from the deals.
Premature Anti-Barrism
Why Uncle Joe Biden Is Leading Polls
The ‘electability’ claim is swallowing up the Democratic primaries. But it’s nonsense.
There Are No Sure Things in a Crisis of This Level. But Democrats Must Move to Impeach.
Oglala Sioux Tribe bans Gov. Kristi Noem from Pine Ridge Reservation
D.C.’s feed-the-homeless contract controversy may really be about food, not fraud (or maybe both?)
Accused ‘serial rioters’ plead guilty over racist mayhem in Charlottesville
The Green New Deal isn’t big enough
Edge Cases

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