Links 5/4/19

Links for you. Science:

Are dingoes just feral dogs?
My Husband Became a Poster Child of the Post-Antibiotic Era
Ocean species are disappearing faster than those on land
Productivity, prominence, and the effects of academic environment
Clostridium difficile trehalose metabolism variants are common and not associated with adverse patient outcomes when variably present in the same lineage


Far-Right Smear Merchants Try to Slime Pete Buttigieg with Bogus Sex Assault Claim
Here Are All the Vanity Plates Virginia Rejected in 2018
It’s time to talk about being white in America
Ex-federal official: ‘I got rolled’ by Trump administration to ease way for Vigneto housing development
Comcast-Owned MSNBC in the Tank for Joe Biden’s Presidential Run
The old ‘flop house’ emerges as solution to affordable housing crisis
Five Things I Learned From the Mueller Report
The President* Is Treating Congress Like a Contractor He Stiffed
Is There A Washington D.C. Accent?
Have Trump’s Tariffs Killed the Dairy Industry?
Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell was less deadly than expected. Good.
Why “people biking need to follow the law more” is bad safety advice
Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Weakness Among Black Voters Is a Democratic Party Problem
If Trump Weren’t President, He Would Already Be Charged
Voting in local elections impacts life and death: A case study in Washington, DC
Trump’s latest garbage lawsuit has one goal: Delay, delay, delay
Congress Should Be Ready to Arrest Attorney General William Barr If He Defies Subpoena

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