Links 5/1/19

Links for you. Science:

Integration of genomic and clinical data augments surveillance of healthcare-acquired infections
Part of Generation X? You might need an MMR booster shot
Janelle Monae as nudibranchs, a thread
‘They have to get the shots’: Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes his tune amid measles outbreaks
These Scientists Are Radically Changing How They Live To Cope With Climate Change


Are powerful GOP lawyers starting to peel off?
Nancy Pelosi’s Drug-Pricing Talks With the Trump Administration Are About Mediating Fights Between Corporate Interests
A ‘Blockchain Bandit’ Is Guessing Private Keys and Scoring Millions
Gary Stewart, Master of the Reissue Compilation, Dies at 62 (Rhino Records)
Pete Buttigieg Trivializes the Impact of Trade on US Job Losses
How Single-Family Garages Can Ease California’s Housing Crisis
Is Amazon Violating U.S. Antitrust Laws? This Law Student Thinks He Has Evidence.
39% of Prisoners Should Not Be in Prison
Fox news IS a white supremacist chat room
Modern Monetary Theory continues to gain traction in the US
Man Who Bribed Son Into Penn Guilty in $1.3 Billion Health Fraud
IRS Commissioner Charged with Releasing Trump Tax Returns Profits from Trump-Branded Property
Young Democrats at 40 College Campuses Call for Boycott of the DCCC
The Democrats Should Take a Glass-Half-Empty Approach to 2020 (“They need to win some votes from former Trump voters and the disaffected Democrats they lost in the last two cycles or they could very well get another rude surprise in November 2020.”)
GOP judges launch bizarre attack on Black Lives Matter and the First Amendment
Here’s one thing Democrats can do to win rural voters: Fight factory farms
As a NICU nurse, I served on the “Bereavement Team.”
Kamala Harris Slams McDonald’s for Not Committing to Higher Pay

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