Links 4/16/19

Links for you. Science:

Medieval parasites
AMNH Employees Revolt Over ‘Appalling’ Decision To Host Bolsonaro At Museum
Meet Katie Bouman, the MIT grad who helped capture the black-hole image
Company led by Trump nominee was rife with harassment, including groping and kissing, report says (potential head of NOAA)
The largest plane ever built takes to the air on a morning for both triumph … and sadness


What Conservative Dems– The Republican Wing Of The Democratic Party– Don’t Want
Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers’ libraries
‘His own tax lawyer testified against him’: Trump biographer David Cay Johnston explains why Trump is terrified of his taxes
Working Families Tax Relief Act Says ‘Fuck You’ to Poor Children (“If we can’t have a well-designed welfare state, can we at least have a poorly-designed one that doesn’t intentionally deprive the poorest children?”)
I’m proposing a big new idea: the Real Corporate Profits Tax
This exchange between a Democrat and a CEO should shape the 2020 campaigns
To increase bike safety and ridership, DC needs protected bike lanes
Israeli democracy is rotting from the inside
“Civility” Means “Shut Up”
Let’s talk about 9/11, shall we?
“Iowa had the most agriculture debt of any other state in the nation last year at $18.5B, outpacing even California, the country’s largest farm economy… Nationally, debt is projected to reach the highest level since the 1980s farm crisis.”
The Hidden Horror of Hudson Yards Is How It Was Financed
D.C.’s Public Housing Stock Requires $2.2 Billion In Repairs, Housing Authority Says
Cherry Blossom 10 miler wasn’t actually 10 miles
They believe more students should attend neighborhood schools. But what happens when it’s their child?
Senators to Metro: No more federal funding if you buy Chinese rail cars

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