Links 4/15/19

Links for you. Science:

‘Yanked from the ground’: cactus theft is ravaging the American desert
Iconic consoles of the IBM System/360 mainframes, 55 years old
Moving beyond P values: Everyday data analysis with estimation plots
Ottawa cancer survivor calls out anti-vaxxers after she contracts measles
The Great Barrier Reef Was Seen as ‘Too Big to Fail.’ A Study Suggests It Isn’t.


The Moral Order of Panera
Living with Type 1 Diabetes When You Can’t Afford Insulin
Beto O’Rourke, Ilhan Omar and the Democratic future: Time to kill off the ghosts of the past
Barcelona is pushing out cars and putting in superblocks. Here are the 2 biggest challenges ahead.
From Gentrification to Decline: How Neighborhoods Really Change
And Then The Trolls Came For Katie Bouman
New York City
The Manipulation of a Minority
It’s Time to Stop Pretending the Murdochs Are in the News Business
The Radical Way Berlin Plans To Solve Its Housing Crisis
Representative Katherine Clark takes on Betsy DeVos over ‘racist’ policy change
The new way your boss can tell if you’re about to quit your job
The exceptional life of a man whose son just so happens to be the most influential writer in America.
Cory Booker, a would-be bachelor president, says Americans are ‘open to lots of different types of families’ in the White House
Americans Are Delaying Health Care Until Tax Refunds Arrive
1 in 5 Bus Riders in New York City Evades the Fare, Far Worse Than Elsewhere
Restraining the power of the rich with a 10 percent surtax on top 0.1 percent incomes
Illinois billboard welcomes drivers and shatters stigma: ‘Where You Can Get A Safe, Legal Abortion’
The Great Untaxed
Ever wondered why flight times seem to be getting longer? It’s called “padding”, a phenomenon that helps airlines arrive on time – but at a cost.

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