Censure Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw

In light of the death threats against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar stemming from the willful misinterpretation of her remarks of Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw–which is to say, lying–Democrats should be raising the notion of formally censuring him. First, if you’re not attacking, you’re defending. If you’re always defending, you’re losing. At some point, ‘persisting’ isn’t enough, you have to hit back, otherwise, Republicans, including Crenshaw, learn (if they haven’t already), that there’s no downside to endangering Democrats. Second, racist demagogues are gonna demagogue. It’s not like they’re going to stop on their own, especially if there’s no cost to doing so. Third, there is no comity to be had:

We’re not one America. We’re two. And if one doesn’t triumph, the other will.

Finally, professional Democrats need to get over their disdain for performative politics, and commit some.

Democratic voters did our job. Now congressional Democrats need to do theirs.

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  1. eugenevdebs3 says:

    Agreed, but they can’t stop there. As long as Trump leads the way in this regard, the enablers in Congress will continue emulating him.

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