When He Tweets, He Is Deflecting

And you can probably figure out who “he” is. Yesterday, Il Trumpe, in response to another 737 MAX crash, tweeted something ridiculous about how hard planes are to fly. But remember, whenever he tweets something, he’s usually either projecting or deflecting. Today in deflection (boldface mine):

Straightforward safety upgrades to the jets’ software to fix the automated safety feature, were originally expected in January according to multiple reports. But they were delayed until April, the Wall Street Journal reported Feb. 10, because of “engineering challenges,” “differences of opinion” between federal and Boeing officials, and the 35-day government shutdown, during which “consideration of the fixes was suspended.”

…Donald Trump forced the shutdown after refusing to sign a government spending bill that didn’t have billions he wanted to build a wall on the US southern border. After 35 days, he signed a spending package that didn’t have the budget, then declared a “national emergency” to get the funds from the Pentagon instead. Warnings about the Transportation Security Administration and the FAA being stretched too thin during the shutdown brought the political situation to a head.

The 61,000-member pilots association warned Trump of the dangers in a letter on Jan. 2, noting specifically that complicated oversight of manufacturing activities had stopped or were “significantly reduced”

Despite conservatives’ and President Drunk Jerk At The End Of The Bar’s bleatings, government employees actually do stuff, and when they don’t do it, bad things can happen.

But we need wall.

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