Links 3/6/19

Links for you. Science:

Butterflies aren’t expendable. Our brittle reality depends on them, too.
Time-lapse footage of a day in the life of a pair of potted plants.
Drowned out by the algorithm: Vaccination advocates struggle to be heard online
The Small, Small World of Facebook’s Anti-vaxxers
Why UC split with publishing giant Elsevier


On climate change, the norms of democracy, and the battle between the right, center left and progressive left.
Time’s Up
The Debate Over Tactics In the Modern Left: Radical Opposition or Strategic Inclusive Engagement?
The Conservative Objection to the Family Fun Pack
Here’s Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know His Grades Or SAT Scores
Corporate Democrats Aren’t Winning Any Swing Voters
Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Masterful Interrogation Of Michael Cohen (“One advantage Ocasio-Cortez has over some colleagues is that she consistently attends even the most mundane committee hearings, since she does not spend any of her day calling donors for money.”)
Common Myths About Porn, Debunked by a Porn Performer
How a black man says he ‘outsmarted’ a neo-Nazi group and became their new leader
A shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy (uses a good word to describe Miller et alia)
The Sexual Assault Crisis Facing Native American Women
Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud
One myth and four questions about whether Metro can restore late night service
Va. Senator Mark Warner Is Sponsoring D.C. Statehood Legislation For The First Time
Bernie Sanders was arguing against mass incarceration as early as 1991
‘This is my do-over’: She used to sleep on the streets. Now, she helps others who do.
Most Americans Think Government Support for Public Colleges Is Rising or Flat. They’re Wrong.
Bernie Sanders Asks the Right Question on Reparations: What Does It Mean?

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