Links 3/4/19

Links for you. Science:

A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches
‘Something is in those vaccines’: Lawmaker says mandatory measles shots are ‘Communist’
The city of Angkor died a slow death
Update on NIH’s efforts to address sexual harassment in science
Camera traps are used to record wildlife in its natural environment, they are designed to be unobtrusive and cause minimal disturbance but its quite clear they are noticed by animals


Home Rulers: D.C. Natives Speak on Their City
Paul Krugman Asked Me About Modern Monetary Theory. Here Are 4 Answers.
Why Democrats Should Ignore the Chatter About Moving ‘Too Far Left’ and Go Big
The Biggest Obstacle to Medicare for All Is Other Democrats
A few thoughts on @paulkrugman’s rejoinder to @StephanieKelton’s rejoinder on MMT, regarding the natural rate of interest and the causal mechanisms behind interest rates.
‘This is my do-over’: She used to sleep on the streets. Now, she helps others who do.
Modern Monetary Theory Is Not a Recipe for Doom
MMT Is Already Helping
The Academy Is Unstable and Degrading. Historians Should Take Over the Government, Instead.
The Electoral College Is the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy
Ivanka vs. AOC, and the war over earning it
Ivanka Trump’s blindness to her own privilege is rooted in a widely shared belief
Ivanka Trump doesn’t understand work. No one in the Trump administration does.
Vox Gets Story on Schatz’s Financial Transactions Tax Badly Wrong
Here’s an interesting thing to keep in mind that most people don’t know about all those “Best-Selling” books from right-wing mouthbreathers like Dinesh, Hannity, Coulter, etc. The sales figures are a fraud.
Senate Threatens To Be a Graveyard of 2020 Liberal Dreams (it’s all about the filibuster)
Bill Niskanen and a Collectible Corporate Income Tax
‘Trump is a sociopath’: Harvard psychiatrist breaks down the president’s ‘severe, continuous, mental disturbance’
Donald Trump is the worst presidential negotiator in history
There’s No Such Thing as a Dangerous Neighborhood
Most serious urban violence is concentrated among less than 1 percent of a city’s population. So why are we still criminalizing whole areas?

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