Links 3/1/19

Links for you. Science:

A World Without Clouds
Some anti-behavioralism (cute)
Using the NCBI AMRFinder Tool to Determine Antimicrobial Resistance Genotype-Phenotype Correlations Within a Collection of NARMS Isolates
Will Me Too Activism Cost Professor Her Job?
A view from the NIH bridge: perspectives of a program officer


Tax the Rich? Here’s a Modest Proposal
Abolish Libertarians
David Walsh went to the Niskanen Center conference on Beyond Left and Right: Reviving Moderation in an Era of Crisis and Extremism. He got hives.
Choice Riders
Twenty-five years ago today, one of Meir Kahane’s closest disciples (may his name be erased) walked into the Tomb of the Patriarchs/Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron and murdered 29 people at Ramadan prayers.
Hey education reporters: , and other school ranking websites are not “community analysis” companies. They are bottom-feeders.
It’s the Economy, Stupid — Again
Netflix Is the Most Intoxicating Portal to Planet Earth
The Trauma Floor: The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America (this is work that should not be subcontracted)
Meet the Man Curbing Trump’s Power Without Anyone Noticing
This is an emergency, damn it
VIP dinners offer peek at culture of privilege at Brown University
Beyond the Rising Tide: Reparations for Slavery Have to Be More Than a Symbol
Northwest D.C. residents criticize oversight of rent voucher programs
Workism Is Making Americans Miserable
Class Dismissed
How a payday lending industry insider tilted academic research in its favor
As fresh signs of Trump’s weakness emerge, some Democrats are already screwing up
With Sen. Sanders throwing his hat into the ring, some data and observations from his 2016 primary campaign

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