Links 2/26/19

Links for you. Science:

Science in Puerto Rico Still Recovering After Hurricane Maria
Arctic fever: Zombie climate myth must die
Move Over Great White Shark: A New Shark Rules South African Waters
The Secret History of Women in Coding
In Science, as in Sports, the Sidelines Matter


An Honest Living (excellent)
Trump’s NYC eateries written up for ‘live mice,’ other ‘critical’ health code violations in recent months
Conservative Ohio voters want most of Ohio’s electricity to come from renewable sources
Cuomo stomps on the grassroots: A lobbying provision in his budget would stifle many of the small groups that delivered a Democratic majority to the state Legislature
China’s housing glut casts pall over the economy
Sun setting over downtown LA
Grand Canyon visitors may have been exposed to radioactive material for two decades
You May Not See Me On TV, But Parkland Is My Story, Too.
Whose Affordable Housing Crisis?
CNN Assures DNC: Ex-Sessions Aide Sarah Isgur Won’t Work on Democratic Debates
Skip Groff, record store owner who presided over a D.C. punk paradise, dies at 70
Trump Said He Ordered His Administration To Withhold Wildfire Aid To California. FEMA Says He Never Did.
Good Liberal Bureaucrat Joins Anti-Union Law Firm
YouTube Continues To Promote Anti-Vax Videos As Facebook Prepares To Fight Medical Misinformation
Exposing Amy Klobuchar’s Mistreatment Of Staff Is Not Sexist
The attitude that Bill de Blasio has towards city employees commuting in cars (often from outside the 5 boroughs) is that they are “real New Yorkers” whose concerns must be addressed in a way us subway-taking mass transit users are not. That’s the core to so many city crises. (applies to D.C. too)
Half of US Voters Do Not Know of Any Republican Women in Office

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