Links 2/24/19

Links for you. Science:

Reproducibility in behavioral assays
Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli Outbreak Associated with a Potluck Party — North Carolina, June–July 2018
‘For God’s sake, vaccinate your children’: Measles survivor still feels the effects after 69 years
Anti-vaxx propaganda has gone viral on Facebook. Pinterest has a cure
Manfred Eigen, 91, Nobel Winner Who Put a Clock to Chemicals, Dies


We Don’t Need Private Health Insurance
How Bernie Sanders Already Won
If Only Everything Goes Exactly As Planned
Adam Schiff: An open letter to my Republican colleagues
We Need Trump’s Tax Returns
To get Trump’s tax returns, Democrats just need to send a letter
Hooked: How So Many Vermonters Got Addicted to Opioids
No to Infrastructure — Yes to Congestion Pricing
Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America
How Stupid Do They Think We Are? – Plutocrats Using Logical Fallacies to Defend the Health Care Status Quo
Modern Monetary Theory Is Not a Recipe for Doom
Sanders Has an Advantage, and It’s Not About Economics (his axis of authoritarianism/oligarchy does a good job connecting domestic and foreign policy into a coherent narrative)
Why an erstwhile neoliberal is feeling the Bern (really didn’t see this coming…)
Workers were violently arrested and berated with racist slurs during an ICE raid. Now some are suing
In 2020, we may finally get to talk about what kind of capitalism we want
The Head Honcho on Trump’s New Climate Change Panel Compared Carbon Dioxide to Jewish People
Florida is drowning. Condos are still being built. Can’t humans see the writing on the wall?
Transgender woman deported from US murdered in El Salvador
Bernie Sanders’s 2020 policy agenda: Medicare for All; action on climate change; $15 an hour minimum wage
Chinese and Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks on U.S. Companies

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