Links 2/21/19

Links for you. Science:

A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child’s Grandmother. A Sperm Bank Threatens to Sue. (the bioethicists did predict this…)
Saving the Bats, One Cave at a Time
For a Black Mathematician, What It’s Like to Be the ‘Only One’
Why I’m leaving a Research I University for a Liberal Arts College
Great White Sharks May Be The Reason Why Giant Megalodon Shark Is Extinct


KISS (excellent)
Why I Don’t Give Money to NARAL (very good)
The Green New Deal Isn’t Too Expensive. Doing Nothing Is.
The Green New Deal Is Impractical, But ‘Practical’ Solutions Haven’t Worked Either
The Financial Crisis Was a Minsky Moment but We Live in Strange Times (interesting economics history)
The War On Climate Change Won’t Be Won Quibbling Over The Green New Deal’s Costs
In Trump’s World, He Never Loses (narcissists gonna narcissist)
Why Even the Furthest Left Should Care About the Trump-Russia Conspiracy
How Mitch McConnell Enables Trump
Why Can’t Trump Build Anything?
Tidying up is not joyful but another misuse of Eastern ideas
Amazon caught selling counterfeits of publisher’s computer books—again
When Queens Was Lame
Ten Blocks From the Capitol
Why Does It Feel Like Everyone Has More Money Than You?
Yes, the Green New Deal is audacious. But we have no choice but to think big.
MoCo Businesses Should Support a $15 State Minimum Wage
Mark Harris Should Never Sit in the U.S. Congress

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