Now Would Be An Excellent Time For Democrat Rep. Neal To Get Trump’s Tax Returns

There’s a small gag joke that floats around Twitter: any time Trump talks about corruption or theft, someone quote tweets him with “Now would be an excellent time for him to release his tax returns.” It’s something he promised to do during his presidential campaign and still hasn’t. Obviously, he doesn’t want people to see his returns, though whether they would reveal his shady business practices or simply that he isn’t worth anywhere near what he claims to be worth is unclear. It should be noted that a NY Times examination of his New York taxes revealed a whole mess of fraud and sleazy activity from decades ago.

Somewhat recent polling indicates the majority of Americans want to have his tax returns released; certainly, the voters who showed up and voted for them want this. And all it would take is Democratic Congressman and head of the Joint Committee on Taxation Richard Neal to request them–thanks to a 1920s law, the head of that committee can obtain anyone’s tax returns and, with a majority vote of the committee, can make them public.

It has been weeks since Democrats took back the House, and they knew two months before officially taking back the House that they would do so. The excuse of ‘wanting to get it right’ is do-nothing bullshit. It’s time for Democrats to start wielding power and to go after Trump.

This is no longer in Trump’s hands, but House Democrats’. It’s past time for Rep. Neal (@RepRichardNeal) to do this. We gave the Democrats a House majority, now they need to give us Trump’s returns.

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  1. bks says:

    Presumably Mueller and SDNY already have the returns. I think they would show that Trump paid very little in taxes and is not as rich as he claims, but not much more. There is not that much detail in the returns themselves. Might show some debt to Russians.

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