Links 2/12/19

Links for you. Science:

Senator: Climate change letter went through ‘political censoring’ in Chao’s office
Atlantic bluefin tuna: the forgotten superpredator
One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working With The FBI
The DIY designer baby project funded with Bitcoin
Death-Cap Mushrooms Are Spreading Across North America


Mitch McConnell’s Ties to Russian Oil Money
Cal Newport on Why We’ll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes
Voters Aren’t Moving Left on Taxes. Democrats Are Moving Toward Voters.
So apparently some famous writer was disgraced this week and a venerable literary organization asked me to fill in for him at a dinner to raise money for imperiled writers around the world. You won’t believe what ensued.
Andrew Johnson showed up to his inauguration in 1865 sick with typhoid fever and drunk from home remedies (whiskey) and patent medicines (opium + alcohol). Then he got drunker.
Trump’s Electoral College problem
Former Southeast D.C. power broker indicted on fraud charges
Is Campus PC Out of Control? (Spoiler: Nah)
Amazon Is Shopping for Sellouts
This woman just derailed the Equal Rights Amendment yet again
Bimbo backs down: Despite trend toward consolidation, kosher consumer power prevailed — this time
Virginia’s Democratic Scandals Could Cost the Party Control of State Politics for the Next Decade
Taking Howard Schultz seriously
Around the globe, Trump’s style is inspiring imitators and unleashing dark impulses
The digital winter turns apocalyptic
James McAvoy’s Accent Is Too Hot (and Incomprehensible) for This Pilot to Handle (funny)
Has the global Jewish population finally rebounded from the Holocaust? Not exactly.
Why I Am a European Patriot
So, hate Bernie. Vent your guts out. But, don’t pretend you understand why HRC lost.

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