Links 2/5/19

Links for you. Science:

A Grand Plan to Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (maybe not)
Earth’s oldest rock found on the Moon
Time for a Dive Part II: Urban Evolution in the Aquatic
Covaris Grabs A Spot on the Liquid Handler Deck
Neanderthals may have been sprinters not endurance runners


The Great American Heist (excellent)
The ‘Private Governments’ That Subjugate U.S. Workers (must-read)
Black Clemson players wanted nothing to do with Trump’s cold fast-food feast
Metro’s Late Night Options Leave D.C. Officials Unenthused
Cliff Sims Is Proud to Have Served Trump (the lack of self-awareness is astonishing)
Black Culture Won’t Save Kamala Harris
D.C. Charter Administrators Have Some of the Highest School Salaries in Town; Their Teachers, Some of the Lowest
The Supreme Court Case That Enshrined White Supremacy in Law
Mendelson renews push to split up DCRA amid criticism over slow action on demolition at Franklin School
The U.S. minimum wage is now almost half of what it was in 1968, adjusting for inflation.
Facebook is scrambling to do damage control with ‘pissed’ employees after Apple blocks its internal apps
The Original Empire Strikes Back Script Shows Darth Vader Wasn’t Supposed to Be Luke’s Father
And How Are Your Lives Again
Health Care and Taxes: To Boldly Go Where Dems Haven’t Gone Before, or at Least for a Long Time
Howard Schultz Is Running on Behalf of Polite Rich People
A big Trump case hinges on the definition of ‘emoluments.’ A new study has bad news for him.
How AOC is Driving the Right Crazy and Making Democrats into Progressives

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