Links 1/31/19

Links for you. Science:

Tiny animal carcasses found in buried Antarctic lake
The herd to the rescue: How an invisible shield can keep us healthy
Letter in response to Jan. 17 article in The New York Times
California’s most famous butterfly nearing death spiral
PacBio Describes Circular Consensus Sequencing Protocol for Accurate Variant Calling and Assembly


Facebook Is a Social Menace
So much for the labor movement’s funeral
Los Angeles Teachers Make the Case That Charter Schools Are an Existential Threat to Public Education
Trump’s golf course employed undocumented workers — and then fired them amid showdown over border wall
3P Awards 8 Pinocchios to Glenn Kessler for AOC Debacle
IRS will need at least a year to recover from government shutdown, watchdog tells Congress
A new message from Democrats: it’s time to empower workers in America
In the Shadow of Lincoln Yards
You Can’t Get There From Here
State-by-state study links gun ownership with youth suicide
Hating the government won’t improve it (Dionne doesn’t seem to realize they don’t want to make it better, but destroy functions they don’t like)
Congestion Caused By Car Widths Not Cycleways
The MLK Speech We Need Today Is Not the One We Remember Most
A new Mississippi flag has a surprising champion: A segregationist’s grandchild
A Problem for Kamala Harris: Can a Prosecutor Become President in the Age of Black Lives Matter?
Henry Cuellar’s Policy Preferences Could Destroy the World. But Then Again, He’s a Really Nice Guy.
Government shutdowns – Who dreamed up this crazy idea?

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