Links 1/23/19

Links for you. Science:

Tropical rainforests have a soundtrack. Recording it may save them.
Adding new DNA letters make novel proteins possible
Shutdown will cast a long shadow over research
NASA postdocs hit by shutdown get emergency lifeline
Watch These Stink Bugs Hatch in Unison


How Teacher Strikes Are Exposing the Corrupt Charter School Agenda (and teachers will matter in the primaries)
US real estate: the brawl over the way New York is built
Why is Elrich resistant to building homes for millennials? (what a dick comment he made)
Which U.S. Cities Have the Most Families With Kids?
In About-Face, Bowser Announces Plan To Equip D.C. Police With Opioid Overdose Antidote
10 Things We All Lose If Bernie Chooses Not to Run in 2020 (though these also seem to be good reasons for him to stay in the Senate)
L.A. teacher strike may be cutting edge of a revolution against what’s rotten in America
The climate question Democratic moderates must answer
Senators Were Laughably Conflicted About Whether To Share Cardi B’s Video On The Government Shutdown
When CEOs Earn Way More Than Employees, Make The Bastards Pay!
The New York Times is overdue for a Russia reckoning. What went wrong in 2016? (a “reckoning” isn’t needed, what’s needed is that Baquet loses his job, otherwise nothing changes)
Cold Turkey
Lowering the Barr
Many Voters Think Trump’s a Self-Made Man. What Happens When You Tell Them Otherwise?
MLK Warned Us of the Well-Intentioned Liberal
Black Feminist Punks to the Front
A black R&B artist hoped singing for Trump would build ‘a bridge.’ It derailed her career instead.

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