Links 12/18/18

Links for you. Science:

Study uses rings in teeth to understand the environment Neanderthals faced
Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior
Talent Identification at the limits of Peer Review: an analysis of the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships Selection Process
Nearly Mythical 3-Foot-Long Swamp Salamander Is Officially a Real Species
China backs bold plan to tear down journal paywalls


Pundits and journalists wishing in vain for the return of a kinder and gentler Republican Party (excellent)
No president should assume office without a ‘fitness for duty’ exam
The Nobel Prize for Climate Catastrophe
Everything new is old again
Foxconn and the village: the $10B factory deal that turned one small Wisconsin town upside down
John Kelly Was a Bully, Bigot, and Liar for Trump. Goodbye and Good Riddance.
Minneapolis Confronts Its History of Housing Segregation
In The Year 2018, A Brand New Vinyl Record-Pressing Plant Opens In Virginia
Why Tips Won: They’re outdated. They’re discriminatory. And they aren’t going anywhere.
A Chinese company’s surprising ties to the Brookings Institution
William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General Pick, Wanted Government to ‘Restrain Sexual Immorality’
Hate Amazon? Try Living Without It
The night thousands of Nazis packed Madison Square Garden for a rally — and violence erupted
Can the Yellow Vests Speak?
Not How It Works
At NPR, an army of temps faces a workplace of anxiety and insecurity
Undocumented entry wasn’t always a crime. Here’s how that changed.

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