Links 12/4/18

Links for you. Science:

Abortion Surveillance — United States, 2015
In Texas, One of the World’s Oldest, Weirdest Fish Finally Gets its Due
You can’t be pro-vaccinations and skip a flu shot
Can New Technology Put a Dent in the Rape Kit Backlog?
5 people died from eating lettuce, but Trump’s FDA still won’t make farms test water for bacteria


Why the Mississippi vote is a key test for America (what this story misses is that Hyde-Smith was a Democrat until 2010; there are racist Democrats, and we need to understand them. Not agree with their racism, but understand why they vote Democratic)
How I changed the law with a GitHub pull request (this is pretty fascinating as a model for legislation)
Overdoses, bedsores, broken bones: What happened when a private-equity firm sought to care for society’s most vulnerable (the Bain Bustout meets healthcare. What could possibly go wrong?)
A few thoughts on 2020 since all of my friends appear to be running which is good. First, no one should be trying to figure this all out before the voting starts.
Better transit, congestion pricing, and 18 other big ideas from a business group’s transportation blueprint
Is Student Debt Forgiveness Progressive?
America Is Poorer Than It Thinks
Trump is failing miserably on his biggest issue. And he’s covering it up with lies.
How A Mysterious Tech Billionaire Created Two Fortunes—And A Global Software Sweatshop (teach kids to code something something)
Meet The Press Booking a Denier to Discuss Climate Change Is a Portrait of Our Dangerously Dumb Times
The Trump Era Has Been Unkind to Soybean Farmers. Also Salad Eaters.
Transport utopianism is stupid, and Elon Musk should shut up
A racial justice group got death threats after Facebook launched secret smear campaign
The New York Times publishes pro-Saudi writers from think tanks that have deep autocratic ties
CBC’s longstanding tech columnist condemns the broadcaster’s cozy relationship with Facebook
Racist incidents on the rise, union for government workers warns
I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It.
Maybe They’re Just Bad People

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