House Democrats Must Investigate NC’s Voting Fraud

Notice I didn’t write voter fraud, but voting fraud. From the Great State of North Carolina (boldface mine):

Allegations of voting irregularities in and around Bladen County swirled on Thursday, with the North Carolina Democratic Party calling for an official hearing and a flurry of affidavits surfacing involving absentee ballots.

The allegations are apparently behind this week’s decision by the State Board of Elections and Ethics Reform to not certify the results of the congressional race in the 9th District…

Republican Mark Harris beat Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes. He carried Bladen County by 1,557 votes.

The man at the center of speculation about the alleged activities, McCrae Dowless, was paid by the Harris campaign as a contractor for the candidate’s top consultant…

Wallace went on to say a review of public records “confirms that serious irregularities and improprieties may have occurred.” Bladen County had the highest percentage of absentee ballot requests in the state. There, 7.5 percent of registered voters requested absentee ballots. In most counties it was less than 3 percent

In seven of the eight counties in the 9th District, for example, McCready won a lopsided majority of the mailed-in absentee ballots. But not in Bladen County. There, Republican Mark Harris won 61 percent even though registered Republicans accounted for only 19 percent of the county’s accepted absentee ballots.

Unaffiliated voters accounted for 39 percent. Bitzer said Harris’ margin “could potentially come from all those unaffiliated voters.”

But to have each and every one of those unaffiliated voters vote Republican, that’s pretty astonishing,” he added. “If that’s the case, there’s a very concerted effort to use that method to one candidate’s advantage… But at that level there’s something else beyond a concerted effort that could be at work.”

…In the 2016 congressional primary, Dowless worked for Todd Johnson. Johnson got 221 absentee votes to 4 for Harris and 1 for Pittenger. In the district as a whole, Johnson finished third.

Multiple affidavits have been filed attesting to both attempts to pressure people into filling out absentee ballots and helpfully ‘collecting’ them from voters before the election. Others have claimed they received absentee ballots–and they never requested them–even though they had already voted early.

What’s interesting is the unanimous decision by five Democrats and four Republicans to not certify the election. There’s reason to believe these shenanigans also occurred in the 2018 Republican primary, which makes me think the Republicans on the board are refusing to certify too.

Regardless, Congress should investigate this as a real case of voting, not voter fraud.


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