Links 11/30/18

Links for you. Science:

Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything?
Restaurant Inspection Letter Grades and Salmonella Infections, New York, New York, USA
In Brazil, termites have built a sprawling megacity the size of Britain
Widely used reference for the human genome is missing 300 million bits of DNA
Clostridioides difficile


These Unheralded Democratic Wins Could Reshape Voting Rights Across the Country
How California conservatives became the intellectual engine of Trumpism
How the Democrats Took Back Michigan
Why I Won’t Upgrade My Phone Until It Can Turn Into a Magic Pony
D.C. Council approves sweeping reforms to combat ‘pay-to-play’ politics
The 2016 Exit Polls Led Us to Misinterpret the 2016 Election
When left-leaning parties support austerity, their voters start to embrace the far right
Ivanka Trump Is Just Another Wannabe American Oligarch in Her Father’s Orbit
Everything About Andrew Cuomo’s Big Defense of the Amazon Deal Is Bad
Conservative nonprofit with obscure roots and undisclosed funders paid Matthew Whitaker $1.2 million
What Trump Has Done Is Already Impeachable By Any Reasonable Standard
America Deserves Better Than This Glitching Simulation of a Racist Senator
Peek Inside Baltimore’s Historic Movie Palaces At The National Building Museum
What Happened Last Tuesday: Part 2 — Who Did They Vote For?
Brian Kemp’s Win In Georgia Is Tainted by Voter Suppression
Missing From Transit Planning? Transit Riders
Bad Sex, Consent, and Other Reasons Behind the ‘Sex Recession’
Trump Proposes a New Way Around Birth Control Mandate: Religious Exemptions and Title X

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