Links 11/25/18

Links for you. Science:

This STD is more common than gonorrhea, but few people know about it. Johns Hopkins is hoping to change that.
Outbreak: Ebola spreads to Congolese city of 1.2 million sparking containment fears
The kilogram is dead; long live the kilogram
Something To Sing About: New Baby Shark Nursery Off Ireland
Conservationists Suggest Moving Endangered Species Into Cities


Surviving Jonestown
A literature professor explains what everyone gets wrong about Hunter S. Thompson
One Florida Woman’s Saga to Make Sure Her Vote Isn’t Thrown Out
Support for #MeToo Led Men To Oppose Trump and the GOP
How Robert Bowers went from conservative to white nationalist
Police lawsuits provide an inside view of cash register justice in Louisiana
The War Inside 7-Eleven
Who’s the Real American Psycho?
The Emperor and the Empty Tomb: An Ancient Inscription, an Eccentric Scholar, and the Human Need to Touch the Past
Dear Democrats: Don’t be corporate stooges too
With Dems Controlling the House, D.C. Could Fully Legalize Marijuana
Bloomberg killed New York City’s soul
What The Fuck White Evangelicals
26 People Told Us How Public Libraries Make Their Lives Better
Forget Pelosi. Challenge Hoyer.
The Problem With Feedback
Do the Math. Moderate Democrats Will Not Win in 2020.
When Talking About Young Voters, It Is Essential to Analyze Their Attitudes by Race
This DC Author Wrote a Popular Prison Novel. His Own Story Has Some Big Twists.
Which Sack Of Human Excrement Will Be The New Head Of The DCCC?

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