Links 11/17/18

Links for you. Science:

How a Department Took On the Next Frontier in the #MeToo Movement
Illumina’s Proposed PacBio Acquisition Leaves Customers Cautiously Optimistic
The Extremely Fast Peopling of the Americas
Harvard researchers’ suggestion of an alien space probe is probably wrong
The Concrete Jungle


Email Shows Whitaker Stiff-Arming Consumer For Firm Shut Down By FTC
A Little Thing That Says It All
50 Things That Went Very Well on Election Day (yes, it was a blue wave)
Win or lose, Betomania has been a big victory for Texas progressives
45 Million More Americans Will Live In Democratic-Run States
Acting Attorney General Sat on Board of Company Accused of Bilking Customers
The Jewish Vote: Dig into the results from our 2018 Election Day poll of Jewish American voters.
Republican Candidates are Being Punished for Trump’s Sexism
Red to Blue As A Weapon Against Progressives– Part I
On D.C.’s failing fire truck fleet
Trump conspired with David Pecker to quash stories about his affairs
With Democratic Wins, Charter Schools Face a Backlash in N.Y. and Other States
Why Uber and Lyft want to create walled gardens–and why it’s bad for urban mobility
Kamala Harris Is Effectively Draining Money from Stacey Abrams
Virginia Congresswoman-Elect Jennifer Wexton Throws Support Behind D.C. Statehood
Crystal City is (probably) ready for HQ2’s transformation
For Decades, This Woman Has Had D.C.’s Best Grave. She Died This Week

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  1. i suspect the orange ferret wearing treason weasel did not compose that sentence. i don’t doubt the veracity , just the composer

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