Links 11/10/18

Links for you. Science:

Academic jobs were affected by the removal of mandatory retirement
FDA approves a fast-acting flu drug that is taken in a single dose
The Anti-Vaxxer Disease Is Now a Republican Epidemic
Here’s Why a 50-Degree Day Feels Colder in Fall Than in Spring
Font of despair: In the fierce competition for science funding, even a typeface glitch can be fatal


Michael Cohen Says Trump Repeatedly Used Racist Language Before His Presidency
‘If you don’t get at that rot, you just get more officers like Josh Hastings’ (this is good, but when does the Post turn its investigative chops towards D.C.–not Wor-Shing-Tun, but the District?)
Fox News Has Done More to Incite Domestic Political Violence Than Donald Trump
Trump Persuaded Struggling People to Invest in Scams, Lawsuit Says
Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror
Three quarters of Venice just flooded while its costly flood gate sits unfinished
Confederate-Friendly Ryan Zinke Likens Robert E. Lee To Martin Luther King Jr.
A Den of Braggarts and Brawlers
The Political Press Is Failing Us Again at the Worst Possible Time
In Bad Faith
Health and Inhuman Services
How to pay for Medicare-for-all
The Tupperware Party
Ro Khanna and progressive Democrats hope ‘Blue Wave’ shakes up American defense policy
Donald Trump and the ugly history of blaming Jews for the violence against them
The slaughter in Pittsburgh was not ‘unimaginable.’ It was inevitable.
This Dismal Week in American Politics. Or Turning and Turning in the Widening Gyre.
‘Voter fraud’ is a myth that helps Republicans win, even when their policies aren’t popular
East of the Anacostia, where there are no hotels, Airbnb has been a been a boon for property owners and guests
Stop Trying to Understand What Trump Says and Look at What His Followers Do

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