One More Thing Democrats Should Investigate If They Take Back The House

Martin Longman reminds us that it’s easier to suffer from Trump fatigue, even when faced with over-the-top hypocrisy (boldface mine):

Despite promising myself that I’d never accept Donald Trump’s behavior or politics as normal, I have to admit that he’s worn me down. Some of his bad behavior is so familiar now that I can’t muster the interest to comment on it. I’m frankly bored by the news that the Chinese and Russians listen in on his phone calls because he doesn’t heed the experts who advise him how to keep his conversations secure. I know this is doubly or triply outrageous because he made such a big deal out of Hillary Clinton’s lapses in information security during her time as Secretary of State (“But, her emails!”). But the whole hypocrisy angle is so played out, and seems to make so little difference, that I can’t muster the energy to pursue it.

Of course I am alarmed and disturbed that our president is completely reckless and allows our adversaries to listen to his most private conversations. But I concluded so long ago that he needs to be removed from office that this is like adding a grain of sand onto a sand dune of evidence.

That said, Democrats should investigate this. Not only does operational security matter, but it would be a very good jab at the political press corps that made HER EMAILZ!* such an issue. It would be a subtle, daily reminder that they fucked up. Working the refs on this would be a very good thing.

*Clinton handled this poorly, but the press corps completely blew this out of proportion, while, at the same time, not building a similar narrative about Trump’s flat-out corruption.

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