Links 10/26/18

Links for you. Science:

Are Wet-Induced Wrinkled Fingers Primate Rain Treads?
Cuttlefish wear their thoughts on their skin
Environmental Regulation Has Helped Cut Deaths From Air Pollution in Half
City Rats Eat Meat. Country Rats Eat What They Can.
Chimps like to copy human visitors to the zoo – Ig Nobel Prize


How Bill Clinton Remade the Democratic Party by Abandoning Unions (a couple years old, but this history is important, if for no other reason it affected the 2016 election in several ways)
Ajit Pai killed rules that could have helped Florida recover from hurricane
The Great Contradiction in Job Guarantee Advocacy (the ability of the JG to be used to undercut wages is a point I made here)
The Growth of Sinclair’s Conservative Media Empire
What the Democrats Plan To Do If They Take Over the House
DWT California Voter Guide
Why we, as Democrats, should NOT vote for Republican Charlie Baker
You thought Metro 24/7 track work was done? Just wait
The Scary, Weird, Somewhat True Story of the Fairfax “Bunny Man”
How Private Equity Bankrupted Seven Major Grocery Chains for Fun and Profit
Adams Morgan Rallies to Save Its Local Grocery Store (but I thought it was the 0.6% paid leave payroll tax destroying D.C. businesses…)
Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination
Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own Apps
FICO Gets Creative With Credit Scores to Facilitate Getting More Americans in Debt
Man Whose Mexico Beach House Was One of Last Standing After Hurricane Michael Calls out Climate Denier Politicians
Uber and Lyft are responsible for about half of SF’s rise in traffic since 2010, SFCTA says
How a Gang of Hedge Funders Strip-Mined Kentucky’s Public Pensions
Trump’s impotent rage over the border could lead to something drastic
20 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The One To Beat Trump In 2020 (*Backed By Data [not sure I buy it; a part of the Democratic Party hates him])
The Private Equity Governor: Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, Sworn Foe of Pensions, Made a Fortune Charging High Fees to Public Pensions

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  1. plch says:

    I still do not get why some democrats hate Sanders so much, I discussed with them but they seem all to be sure he’s fake and racist based on threadbare evidence.

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