Are Professional Democrats Ready For November 7th?

If the previous decades are any indication, probably not. Charles Pierce makes a very good point, and one to remember even if Democrats do well (boldface mine):

These two statements are not merely crude electioneering. They are part of a national mechanism that is being created to delegitimize a Democratic sweep should it happen next month. It will be Chinese meddling, or sneaky “Illegals.” And they will sell it hard to those people most likely to believe it. And the country likely will catch on fire.

In addition, as close as some of these races appear to be, we likely are heading into a couple of months of recount hell. If 2000 was any indication, there could be 10 or 20 Brooks Brothers riots in our future. All democratic norms are down. It’s a free-for-all.

I’m not sure if the Democratic Party is ready for what could be coming, and I’m very sure neither the elite political press nor the country is ready for it. I’d like to believe everything is going to be most chill at the polling places, but I’m not betting on that either way. I’d like to believe that the results, whatever they are, at least will be treated as legitimate decisions made by a democratic polity. But you’d have to be crazy to bet on that.

If the reaction by professional Democrats to, well, everything is any guide, there has been no planning about how to proceed. What are the talking points? What kinds of legal challenges will be made? No Democratic leader or allied professional has repeatedly assailed the Republican effort to delegitimize the election results. For that matter, no news reporter has asked for responses to these attempts, or what they have in place to protect Democratic votes.

If Democratic supporters survive this, it will be in spite of the Democratic Party leadership, not because of it. We will have to save ourselves.

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  1. Kathryn Acosta says:

    No democratic leader or allied professional has repeatedly assailed the republican efforts to delegitimize the elections results because it was the democratic party who attempted to delegitimize the 2016 elections by accusing Russia of interference. Apparently they too think the American public is dumb as rocks. The democrats have also played an active roll in voter suppression. Did you not hear Debbie Wassermann Schultz declare that the DNC has the “right” to select their candidate? That if they decided to go into a smoked filled room and select the person they wanted to run in the general election that that was their right to do so? There is no “democratic” party. Only the democrats corporation. Yes, we are on our own and have been for decades. It is time for the true progressives to take over. By any means necessary.

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