Links 10/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Antibiotic may prevent breast cancer recurrence (though we need to be aware of what this will do for antibiotic resistance…)
Loss of forest elephant may make Earth ‘less inhabitable for humans’
First report of antimicrobial resistance pre-dates penicillin
The CDC Is Publishing Unreliable Data On Gun Injuries. People Are Using It Anyway.
The elimination of smallpox showed how humans can work together to solve deadly global problems


‘My Fights Are With My Peers’: When a Professor Gets Banned for Bullying (in most workplaces, the way this guy is acting would be cause for termination)
Safe streets are the best tool we have to combat climate change
The Soros Myth
When I Named My Abuser, I Thought America Was Changing. I Was Wrong.
Heidi Heitkamp Has a Native Voter Problem
D.C.-Area Bus System Is So Bad It Hurts Local Economy
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down America’s Ugly History of Housing Discrimination and How She Plans to Fix It
Republicans Have Reason to Fear ‘Mob Rule’
With Kavanaugh, Republicans Secure An Unjust and Unsustainable Minority Rule
Roundtable Project
‘A Band-Aid is off’: In a changing D.C., race infuses bitter campaign (and note that pro-business Democrats are the ones fanning the fire)
America’s teacher shortage
Glenn Kessler Continues His Incoherent Nonsense
Want to Punish Saudi Arabia? Cut Off Its Weapons Supply
It’s OK to Criticize the Fed—Even for Presidents
Being Mr. Reasonable
A Critique of Sam Harris
The Deal of the Art
Resist, Refuse
No Joke: Bullshit in the academy, beyond Sokal Squared
Echoes of 1968

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