Links 10/17/18

Links for you. Science:

The average person can recognize 5000 faces
What Happens When the Alt-Right Believes in Climate Change
He remembered, and repeated, more than 100,000 digits. The amazing skills of memory athletes.
The planet is on a fast path to destruction. The media must cover this like it’s the only story that matters.
The Dark Truth About Those Shark Birth Videos


Brooks Brothers Riot
Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign?
Republicans: Protesters Are an Unruly Mob — Unless They’re Heavily Armed and Support Us
Voter Fraud
We Have to Cover the Trump-Kanye Oval Office Meeting. How Should We?
Democratic Senators Call for Investigation of Online Charter Schools (the last sentence…)
It’s time to end Ohio’s racist work requirements for food and Medicaid assistance
Trump Didn’t Win In Spite Of The Access Hollywood Tape. He Won Because Of It.
The Wealth-Defense Industry
The Scandal of Democracy: Seven Theses for the Socialist Left
As Storms Keep Coming, FEMA Spends Billions in ‘Cycle’ of Damage and Repair
Will the ‘rethinking’ of the Washington region’s bus network lead anywhere? (no, because there’s no agreement on what the problem they’re trying to solve is)
This is an age of thuggery
Mazie Hirono Says Susan Collins Can’t Have It Both Ways on Christine Blasey Ford and #MeToo: ‘What Is That?’
20,000 Low-Income Washingtonians Aren’t Using A Tax Credit That Could Net Them Thousands Of Dollars
Long Island is state’s opt-out stronghold (forcing education reform on upper-middle class kids was a huge strategic mistake)
Free Busing: A Way to Combat Global Warming
Liberal Jews of the World, Unite! The Only Thing You Have to Lose Is Your Pain

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