Links 10/6/18

Links for you. Science:

Fentanyl test strips lead to more caution among illicit drug users
The wolf spider is autumn’s most frightening home intruder (I think they’re cute)
A Common Bacterium Has Been Discovered Thriving in a Place Where It Shouldn’t Exist
This Top Lab Suspended A Theoretical Physicist After He Made Sexist Comments At A Gender And Science Meeting
Francisco Ayala Resigned After a University Inquiry Found Him Guilty of Sexual Harassment. But What Happened to the Federal Grants He Received?


This Vicious Buffoon Is a Vessel for All the Worst Elements of the American Condition
How About A Thicker Phone?
Voter Suppression Is Deeply Embedded in the Republican Party. Brett Kavanaugh Helped Put It There.
Presumption of Innocence Is for Privileged Men Like Brett Kavanaugh, Not Laquan McDonald or the Central Park Five
Why Do Candidates Ignore Mass Transit?
Sexist slurs and coded insults: St. Albans School 2015 yearbook stirred outrage
Did the Trump family’s tax practices break the law? An expert explains. (a very experienced tax attorney I know told me something similar the evening the story broke)
The F.B.I. Probe Ignored Testimonies from Former Classmates of Kavanaugh
A Brief History of Mark Judge and Washington City Paper
Has Backing Kavanaugh Really Lost The GOP The Women’s Vote?
Reflections on the 2nd International MMT Conference – Part 1
How the Washington & Old Dominion railroad created Northern Virginia’s suburbs
Donald Trump’s grotesque fraud
The Origins of Prison Slavery
Because of Kavanaugh — and a tweet — people across the country suddenly care about a PTA election in D.C.
New chair of DC Democrats turns focus to boosting turnout, drafting action plan

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