Links 9/10/18

Links for you. Science:

Maybe Your Sleep Problem Isn’t a Problem
Long Thought To Be The Villains Of The Chesapeake Bay, Cownose Rays May Need More Protection
The Nastiest Feud in Science
Helping solve the wildest crimes
The most popular personality test in the world is a joke


My Fellow Prisoners
The Myth of John McCain
I Worked With Avital Ronell. I Believe Her Accuser. (why is someone like this considered indispensable?)
The Village Voice Is Officially Dead
Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House policy meetings
McCain and war heroism
What’s your solution to fighting sexism and racism? Mine is: unions
Republicans will make this election all about race. And the 2020 election, too.
A whole party of deplorables
Why Aren’t Democrats Waging an All-Out War to Stop Kavanaugh’s Confirmation?
Why you might soon undergo a body scan to ride the subway or bus
I’m teaching email security to Democratic campaigns. It’s as bad as 2016.
The Rats Are Taking Over DC!
The Absurd Loss of the National Museum Lifts the Veil on Brazil’s National Project
D.C. board won’t penalize company at center of massive wage-theft case
The Second Redemption Court
Trump’s supposedly spending Labor Day weekend “studying” federal worker pay after freezing it
Stressed out: Two-thirds of DC principals say they may leave job within 5 years, survey finds
Under storm clouds
Jack Ryan’s Commute To Work Makes Absolutely No Sense

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