Links 9/8/18

Links for you. Science:

When a Baby’s Health Hangs on the Mother’s Zip Code
Safe injection sites were thought to reduce drug overdoses. The research isn’t so clear.
Everyone needs to be an antibiotic resistance fighter
The dogs were supposed to be experts at sniffing out C. diff. Then they smelled breakfast
Kissing Bugs: How You Can Get Heart Disease From A Bite


Beware the Race Reductionist
D.C. Has The Strongest Labor Laws In The U.S. (Compared To States)–one more reason D.C. should have Congressional representation
Toddler dies after ICE detainment, lawyer alleges substandard care (this is manslaughter)
No Matter How Bad It Gets, Trump Will Never Give Up
New York’s Governor Has Suspended An Investigation Into The Handling Of A 2015 Weinstein Case
Take Salena Zito Neither Seriously Nor Literally On Trump Voters
The Incredible, Rage-Inducing Inside Story of America’s Student Debt Machine
10 years after the financial crisis, is the housing market still at risk?
What land takings will be required for Hogan’s Beltway and I-270 widening?
Our streets make us unhappy. They don’t have to.
Do You Know Why You Pulled Me Over?
Susan Collins is a Lamb of the Senate
Facebook: the new Credit Reporting Agency?
Yes, McCain was a hero. He was also a conservative Republican, and a politician.
Republican Daddies
Capitalism, Socialism, and Unfreedom
Critical Path
Once Upon a Time, the Tidal Basin Was a Swimming Beach

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