Links 9/4/18

Links for you. Science:

Nearly All Lemur Species Are Now Facing Extinction
How Paper Batteries Charged by Bacteria Could Power Internet of Things
The Tired Tricks of Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Mum’s a Neanderthal, Dad’s a Denisovan: First discovery of an ancient-human hybrid
Why a New Fisheries Bill Is Being Dubbed the “Empty Oceans Act”


Building Trust to Win Votes
For Fancy Racists, Classical Liberalism Offers Respect, Intrigue
Why is San Francisco … covered in human feces?
Revolt forecasted (video)
The Trump administration keeps losing environmental court cases
Forget ICE, the real problem is CBP
How the American Elite Failed to Defend America From Fascism
As the progressive push for big spending grows, so does the Democratic divide on the deficit
Could a repeat of the Rohingya crisis be about to happen in India?
Photographing a Fast-Moving New York, Slowly
Nearly 70% of students who applied for New York’s free college program were rejected
Trump’s White-Nationalist Pipeline
Loyal Democratic donors: We’re done with the DNC ‘until they get their act together’ (DIRTY FUCKING HIPPIES!!!)
The CIA funded a culture war against communism. It should do so again.
Historic districts are a poor substitute for good planning, but great for dodging it
A million-dollar Apple computer? Let the bidding begin
Partisanship, Parasites, and Polarization
Media portray these tales of perseverance as uplifting and inspirational. They’re actually horror stories.
ICE Kept A US Citizen In Jail For 2 Years. A Court Set Him Free.
Medicare for All Fact Check From Hell Persists as Sanders Rebukes CNN for Putting ‘Blind Faith’ in Right-Wing Economist
A Koch-Fueled Attack on Electric Buses Picks up Speed
American Healthcare Spending Is Fucking Mental

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