Links 9/3/18

Links for you. Science:

The Water Crises Aren’t Coming—They’re Here
Climate science proposals are being reviewed by Ryan Zinke’s old football buddy. Seriously.
DNA shows girl had one Neanderthal, one Denisovan parent
The NIH Director Talked to Congress About Scientific Inspiration
Trump’s Border Wall Could Decimate These Rare Species


Trump and security team must face claims of assault on Mexican protesters, judge says
McDuffie: To help you stay, we need to build homes for new residents
Officials ask why First Source is having trouble getting D.C. residents into jobs
Abolish ICE
Grading Duncan Hunter’s Taste in D.C. Restaurants Based on His Indictment
The answer to GOP dog whistles? Democrats should talk more about race, not less.
Democrats don’t need to impeach President Trump to hold him accountable
Meet the most insidious #Resistance grifters
The $30 trillion reason Republicans won’t turn on Trump
D.C. Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into Short-Term ‘Hoteling’ At Apartment Buildings
Seven On, Seven Off: What It’s Like to Work at Jessie Taylor Seafood (‘unskilled labor’)
The President Is Getting Away With Blatant Crimes. That’s Normal.
We Haven’t Hit Bottom Yet
A Koch-funded think tank tries hard to pretend that it didn’t find savings from Bernie Sanders’ Medicare plan
The Trump Official Overseeing Migrant Girls’ Health Care Once Wrote He Couldn’t “Support Abortion for Any Reason”: When a woman Scott Lloyd slept with got pregnant, he took her to get an abortion. Now he’s on a crusade to stop migrants from having their own.
Trump’s Deregulation Frenzy Isn’t Trumpism, It’s Republicanism
Giuliani really has a talent for putting defense arguments as unconvincingly, unappealingly, and suspiciously as possible. (funny)
Stephanie Kelton Wants You to Ask: ‘What Does a Good Economy Look Like?’
TSA says air marshals don’t follow ‘ordinary’ travelers. Some ordinary travelers beg to differ

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