Links 9/1/18

Links for you. Science:

Vitamin D, the Sunshine Supplement, Has Shadowy Money Behind It
America’s Invisible Pot Addicts
We can learn the secrets of smooth traffic flow by watching fire ants
Ancestor of all life on Earth evolved earlier than we thought, according to our new timescale
Honeybees Are Hurting. What Else Can Pollinate Our Food?


The Fact-Checkers Are Clueless (“At this point, I think it is safe to say that one of the main impediments to the success of Medicare for All is that liberal and centrist media is mostly too stupid or dishonest to accurately describe the proposal to their audience.”
We owe Sinead O’Connor an apology – she spoke the truth about church child abuse
What if the dreaded ‘pee tape’ is real?
‘Something from Nothing’: Stories of Punk in Arlington
Eastern Shore crab houses are suffering this summer because they didn’t get the visas needed to hire enough pickers from Mexico.
The Militarization of Sports and the Redefinition of Patriotism
How Sexism Follows Women From the Cradle to the Workplace
Giuliani really has a talent for putting defense arguments as unconvincingly, unappealingly, and suspiciously as possible. (hilarious)
Prehistoric college football coaches are killing players. It’s past time to stop them.
‘It feels great to go back’: The District’s students return to school (good discussion of poor kids)
‘The last time I held her’: How a homeless musician reclaimed the love of his life
Sea level rise is already costing property owners on the coast
Derek Smalls on Going Solo, Keeping Drummers Alive and the Future of Spinal Tap
Obama Saved Them. Trump’s Killing Them. They Don’t Care. (but it’s not enough to visit, you have to bluntly make the case, which Democrats don’t do–too many think that’s beneath them. Also, enough did vote for Obama in 2012)
If the Republican Party Is Going to Regain Sanity, It Needs to Lose People Like Tom Cotton
Fact checkers have a Medicare-for-all problem

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