Links 8/26/18

Links for you. Science:

Dragonflies are more active this summer. Blame it on the rain.
In the animal kingdom, what does it mean to be promiscuous?
Bact Facts Interactive
Trends in Diversity within the NIH-funded Workforce
Hand hygiene doesn’t prevent healthcare associated infections


New Report Says China Shock Badly Hurt Wages of Low-Income High School Grads
This Is Why Putin Is Targeting Three DHS Agents
Unions brought black Americans into the middle class. They’re now being decimated
The Washington Post Keeps Publishing False Claims About Medicare for All
Sam Adams co-founder praised Trump’s tax reform. Now a Massachusetts mayor refuses to drink the beer. (it’s shit beer, anyway)
Traffic, crowding, cancellations: This MBTA route shows all the T’s bus problems
The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won
Democracy and the Socialist Revival
An 11-Year-Old Changed The Results Of Florida’s Presidential Vote At A Hacker Convention. Discuss.
The Man Who Sued His Trolls
This Is How Americans Reacted To President Nixon’s Resignation
Racism is a problem of white elites, and Kris Kobach proves it
Sacramento welfare investigators track drivers to find fraud. Privacy group raises red flags.
Tom Perriello Explains Why Ignoring White Supremacists Doesn’t Work
Democrats’ Drama On Fossil Fuel Money Shows A Radical Green Jobs Plan Could Be A Win-Win
Democratic National Committee Backtracks On Its Ban Of Fossil Fuel Donations
DNC Head Tom Perez: Just Kidding, We’d Love To Collect Those Sweet, Sweet Oil Checks
Rest of modern world knows this system works
DCCC Still Refusing To Back Progressive Primary Winners

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