Links 8/23/18

Links for you. Science:

Can this man bring science back to the White House?
A new defensive technique could hold off attackers by making software buggier
Zika may harm nearly 1 in 7 babies exposed to the virus in the womb
Clinicians were told their patient had died of an overdose. Then opioid prescribing dropped
“Right to Try” Is a Cruel Farce


The selling of Elliott Broidy
Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers on Medicare-for-All
War Without End
Wanting More Power, Public Employees Run for Office
The time a president deported 1 million Mexican Americans for supposedly stealing U.S. jobs
White House Takes Aim At Financial Protections For Military
Amid push for privatization, Metro outsources portion of bus operations
Trump Foreign Policy Held Back by Struggle to Grasp Time Zones, Maps
You’re paying more in America than you would in Europe
Omarosa flap raises big, unanswered question: Is criticism of Trump muzzled?
Google Stores Location Data Even With ‘Location History’ Turned Off—Here’s How to Stop That
Peter Beinart: I Was Detained At Ben Gurion Airport Because Of My Beliefs
The Practical Practitude
Stephen Miller Is Waging War on the America That Saved His Ancestors
You Want Nancy Pelosi Out? Find Somebody Better. (she’s arguably one of the best floor whips to ever hold the position in either party. She is equally awful at choosing potential candidates–and choosing the ‘choosers’ of said candidates)
Congress is about to legalize cannabis. Just not the kind that gets you high.
A Congressman, a Financial Deal and an Intricate Web of Conflicts
Notes Nearing Ninety: Learning to Write Less
Carpenters, Steamfitters, and Other Trade Unions Coalesced Around Notorious Ferguson Prosecutor. Why? (trade unions haven’t been progressive in years, sadly)

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