Links 8/20/18

Links for you. Science:

An Ancient Genetic Quirk Could Doom Whales Today
At first, I thought it was a decapitated juvenile rat snake. I was wrong…
The Wonder Plant That Could Slash Fertilizer Use
Dengue fever outbreak halted by release of special mosquitoes
How to Fight Climate Change


San Francisco’s housing market is so out of control, 60% of tech workers say they can’t afford homes
‘Hitler was right’: KC area winner of Missouri House primary leaves trail of bigotry
That EMT Who Saved Your Life Might Be Making Barely More Than the Minimum Wage (and this is skilled labor, amirite New Dems?)
Incumbents Who Suck Should Be Primaried– Not Incumbents Who Are Doing An Excellent Job
GOP congressional nominee in Illinois is a Sandy Hook and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist
Ban share buybacks
No, we didn’t almost s­olve the climate crisis in the 1980s
At President Trump’s hotel in New York, revenue went up this spring — thanks to a visit from big-spending Saudis
The Problem With The New York Times’ Big Story on Climate Change
Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions
“Fuck geese.” – God
Open Office Plans Increase Employee Stress, Reduce Productivity
Here’s How Anti-Muslim Groups On Facebook Overlap With A Range Of Far-Right Extremism
Bullying, death threats and violence: German schools grapple with a string of anti-Semitic incidents
Ron Dellums’s Life Holds Lessons for Every Progressive in America
Did Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Cause a Leadership Shake-up at the NRA?
The Economic Toll of New York’s Inaccessible Subway (this makes Metro look relatively good)
The Progressives’ Plan to Win in 2018
The unfortunate truth about a carbon tax

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