Links 8/3/18

Links for you. Science:

Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries
Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine
An enormous potential for niche construction through bacterial cross-feeding in a homogeneous environment
Where Will You Be for the Aquapocalypse?
NCBI implements new, natural language sequence search


What David Leonhardt Ignores, Denies and Gets Wrong about the 2005 Seizure of New Orleans Schools
Trump’s most ardent defenders are a bunch of clowns
“Owning the Libs” Has Always Been With Us
Trump’s Himmler (and the banality of ICE)
Russian Hackers’ New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator
Cashier Forced To Incorporate Humiliating New Phrase Into Every Customer Interaction
When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life
Democracy Theater
Friendly policies keep US oil and coal afloat far more than we thought
We Should Probably Talk About Brett Kavanaugh’s Role in Bush-Era Torture
Destroying North America’s Natural Wonders to Own the Libs
Rookie cops arrested, fired after attacking U.S. citizen: ‘He asked me if I was American’
The emoluments case is the nightmare Trump has long feared
The game was rigged in Ivanka Trump’s favor. How did her brand manage to fail?
You’ve Reached the Winter of Our Discontent

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