Links 8/2/18

Links for you. Science:

Novel Insights into Selection for Antibiotic Resistance in Complex Microbial Communities
After Last Year’s Hurricanes, Caribbean Lizards Are Better at Holding on for Dear Life
Mobile phones and cancer – the full picture
Trends in outpatient antibiotic use and prescribing practice among US older adults, 2011-15: observational study
Who Gets Access to Data About D.C.’s Public Schools?


Refinery29, Kylie Jenner, and the Denial Underlying Millennial Financial Resentment (excellent)
I’m a librarian. The last thing we need is Silicon Valley “disruption.” (also excellent)
Physicians aren’t ‘burning out.’ They’re suffering from moral injury
San Francisco looks to ban free lunch at tech companies
Financial Times: Chinese Officials “Awed” by Trump’s “Skill as a Strategist and Tactician”
Here comes that blue wave
The Middle Precariat: The Downwardly Mobile Middle Class
Teachers Flee “Success” High School
Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill to End Money Bail
A Carbon Tax Plan That’s a Bad Deal for the Public
Economists Can’t Write Economically, Driving Demand for Brevity
This is not your grandfather’s KGB
The Open Office Revolution Has Gone Too Far
Why did the Trump administration blow its family reunification deadline? Cruelty, pure and simple
Puerto Ricans who fled to Florida after Hurricane Maria are not registering to vote
This is what no-deal Brexit actually looks like

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