Links 7/26/18

Links for you. Science:

These American salamanders are tougher than climate change — for now
A Major Scientific Society Says Harassment Derails Women’s Careers. Critics Say the Group Hasn’t Done Enough.
Bird poop helps keep coral reefs healthy, but rats are messing that up
Why are these salmon jumping?
Drug to Treat Smallpox Approved by F.D.A., a Move Against Bioterrorism


Was Georgia’s Election System Hacked in 2016?
‘Amazon Doesn’t Need The Money’: In The D.C. Region, Resistance Is Growing To Tax Breaks For HQ2
Freedom to Bash Heads
The Rising Politics of (Too Damn High) Rent (Mason’s comments are excellent)
On Russia, Trump Was Just As Bad in 2015
‘It’s Almost Like a Ghost Town.’ Most Nursing Homes Overstated Staffing for Years
25,000+ Kansans have voting rights restored as Kobach complies with Court Order
Had A President Romney Nominated Kavanaugh, Would Leading Dems Oppose Him?
How Trump’s D.C. hotel works to help swamp the drain
Immigrant Bashing Is All About Racism
“The United States is not a ‘democracy,’ it is ‘a Republic.’”
Progressive Primary Winners Abandoned By The DCCC
Alan Ruck’s journey from Ferris Bueller to Sears to the bridge of the Enterprise and beyond
Russia Was My Obscure Interest. Now Everyone Is Paying Attention.
Memo to Chuck Schumer: Stop Dithering and Start Fighting. Now.
Israeli President Warns Jewish-only Communities Undermine Zionist Vision
Dr. SkySkull in Greece: Walking around Athens
There Is Nothing Inherently Wrong With State Ownership
Netanyahu Cares More About His Power Than About Jews
Brett Kavanaugh May Have A Jim Jordan Problem

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