Links 7/25/18

Links for you. Science:

Astronomers discover 12 more moons of Jupiter, including an oddity
Archaeologists find earliest evidence of bread
A Study About The “Abortion Reversal” Procedure Was Just Withdrawn For Ethical Issues
NASA is building models to predict mosquito-borne illnesses — and you can help
She felt a tingling in her legs. Doctors found tapeworm larvae in her spine.


Why a progressive D.C. lawmaker is suddenly facing opposition
‘Mean world syndrome’: In some Seattle neighborhoods, fear of crime exceeds reality (stop using NextDoor, you’ll be far less paranoid)
At 98, the Army Just Made Him an Officer: A Tale of Racial Bias in World War II
Meet the HHS officials who tweet like Trump (the de-Trumpification of federal agencies will be very difficult)
Maxine Waters deserves better from her party
Are D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods falling off the electoral map?
Beyond Brutalism: Spotlight on Iconic Architecture by Ricardo Bofill
The Benefits of Sending Your Privileged Child to an “Underperforming” School
These Trump Staffers — Including an ex-NRA Lobbyist — Left Their Financial Disclosure Forms Blank
A quick note to nobody in particular about policy expertise in politics and being ready for “prime time” and whatnot
White Party, Brown Party
Balding Out
DC councilmembers are exempt from some parking regulations. That doesn’t mean they should flout the rules.
Alt-Right Troll To Father Killer: The Unraveling Of Lane Davis
Witness Saw Jack Evans Accept Cash; Then He Returned Checks
American Conservatives Played A Secret Role In The Macedonian Fake News Boom Ahead Of 2016

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