Links 7/19/18

Links for you. Science:

A cleaning lady went to her car to get a mop and was attacked by 80,000 bees
What Breeds Make Up This Mutt?
In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable
Here, Kitty Kitty: D.C. Is Counting All Of Its Cats
Archaeologists find world’s oldest bread and new evidence of sophisticated cooking dating back 14,000 years


Don’t Call It Appeasement: The way Trump is treating Putin is much worse.
Trump and Putin are clearly in cahoots — over propping up fossil fuels
The Russians Played the Long Game With the NRA
Donald Trump Is Fulfilling All of Those Obama Conspiracy Theories
A tale of two 20003s: high rises or high rents
We’re finally getting sick of the Kylie Jenners of the world
I Was a White House Stenographer. Trump Wasn’t a Fan.
Metro union’s strike vote was two years in the making
Racing cars though our neighborhoods — a supreme endorsement?
Legal dispute targets spending by $2 million fund to fight gentrification
A ‘F— Donald Trump’ yard sign sent angry man to Charlotte couple’s front door
What lies beneath DC? A lot more tunnels than you might think!
Can Andy Byford Save the Subways?
Bodies believed to be those of 95 black forced-labor prisoners from Jim Crow era unearthed in Sugar Land after one man’s quest
Create a Public Bank by Renationalizing Ally Financial
On justifying policies
FBI informant Marcy Wheeler: ‘Mueller is sitting on a lot’

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