Links 7/16/18

Links for you. Science:

Conservation isn’t winning. Extinction is.
VA study shows antibiotic overprescribing is rule, not exception
Today’s Whales Are Huge, But Why Aren’t They Huger?
It’s time to burst the biomedical bubble in UK research
The prehistoric shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico is so fertile you can see it from space


Anti-Semitism doesn’t bother Benjamin Netanyahu if it comes from his political allies
America’s Top Justices Are Less Like The Rest of The Country Than Ever Before: How the Supreme Court went careerist. (“Zero, even, who zigged and zagged through their 20s or early 30s—in the way that millions of ultimately successful Americans have done—between travel here, a false career start there, a wandering path in which they wondered with an open mind what they really wanted to do in life…These nine people knew from early on: They wanted to be legal stars. They all proved uncommonly adept at shimmying to the top of the greasy pole.”)
Tainted by Fox News scandals, Bill Shine now works for us all. No big deal, right?
Something POWERFUL happened at my little country church today
With All-Star Week underway, Metro workers weigh possible labor strike (the union has done zero outreach to gain allies. This would probably backfire massively)
Hey @elonmusk, how about spending your money on something useful?
I want to explore why Jordan Peterson is suing academics for “defaming” him in a private meeting. Won’t take very long.
New Study Concludes That Rewarding Good Teachers and Firing Bad Ones Accomplishes Nothing
Out To Pasture
The Gates Foundation bet big on teacher evaluation. The report it commissioned explains how those efforts fell short.
Civil Offenses: Those Calling for Political Civility Often Have the Least to Lose
Michael Chabon: Are Kids the Enemy of Writing?
Why does my health insurer sabotage my efforts to manage my diabetes?
The Loyal Trump Supporter Isn’t The Same As The Persuadable Trump Voter
It Can Happen Here
Trevor Paglen’s New Exhibit Asks Tough Questions About Who Controls Our Data—and Our Lives
My dad was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and thrown in a concentration camp for being in the Norwegian Resistance. Growing up, he would tell me things he learned in the Resistance. I thought, I’m never going to need this stuff.
How Student Debt Is Worsening Gender And Racial Injustice
Who Is Adam Schiff?
Six Secrets From the Planner of Sevilla’s Lightning Bike Network

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