Links 7/15/18

Links for you. Science:

Reproducibility Crisis Reaches All Randomised Controlled Trials (not sure I agree, but worth reading)
Science under siege: behind the scenes at Trump’s troubled environment agency
EPA blocks warnings on cancer-causing chemical: Burying the formaldehyde study is part of an effort by Pruitt and aides to undermine EPA’s research program, current and former officials tell POLITICO.
Cores From Coral Reefs Hold Secrets of the Seas’ Past and Future
Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy


Left Politics Can Win All Over the Country
Dylann Roof’s Fateful Google Search
My Best Friend Lost His Life to the Gig Economy
Child Support Is Forever
Ben Carson says he’s raising rents to put poor Americans to work. But in the District, the majority are either elderly, disabled or already at work.
How The Pee Tape Explains The World Cup
D.C. residents seethe as Council moves to overturn voter-approved wage hike
Don’t imagine you’re smarter
Notice of boil-water order came too late, many D.C. residents say
“Medicare-for-all” means something. Don’t let moderates water it down.
In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states (and have only sixteen out of 100 Senate votes)
10 Ways to Cover a Trump Rally
Fresh Proof That Strong Unions Help Reduce Income Inequality
Whose Revolution?
Big Business Reaps Trump’s Whirlwind
D.C. Attorney General Sues Local Health Food Cafe For Wage Theft
Vince Gray is Eyeing a Run for Mayor of DC, Here’s How the Washington Post Took Him Down Last Time.

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