Links 7/12/18

Links for you. Science:

He Sues to Discredit Climate Scientists. Now He’s Being Sued by His Allies. (rooting for injuries)
Novartis joins the Big Pharma exodus out of antibiotics, dumping research, cutting 140 and out-licensing programs
Platypus Venom Could Treat Diabetes
It All Started With a Few Trout. Now Yellowstone’s Iconic Birds Face ‘Collapse.’
A Victory for Coral: Unesco Removes Belize Reef From Its Endangered List


NATO Doesn’t Need More Defense Spending: America needs less. (but defense contractors gotta defense contract. Because military Lernerism is the only acceptable form of Lernerism)
Our treatment of refugee children is a national disgrace (“This is the kind of behavior that, when carried out by non-superpowers, gets people hauled before the International Criminal Court or some special war crimes tribunal.”)
Good Work, Republicans
The National Zoo Shouldn’t Fall for Security Theater
This remarkable exchange at NATO perfectly captures Trump’s ugly bad faith
This Progressive Is Betting Her Populist Platform Can Win In Trump Country
It’s Normal for the U.S. to Put Corporate Profits Above Babies’ Health
6 myths about Roe v. Wade, debunked
The real driver of health care spending
Trump in Brussels: The Story So Far
How to Fight Voter Suppression in 2018
Brett Kavanaugh May Have A Jim Jordan Problem
Now Trump’s Cabinet Will Pick Their Own Political Judges All Over the Government (administrative judges have played a critical role in combating antibiotic misuse)
Chuck Schumer Warns Senate Democrats: Fight Brett Kavanaugh or Pay the Price From the Base
The racist origins of ‘pro-life’ abortion movement they never talk about
Brett Kavanaugh on Education Issues (guess what? He’s dreadful.)
Joe Manchin is making the right decision to focus on health care with his Supreme Court vote

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