Links 6/11/18

Links for you. Science:

What Can Bees Teach Us About Building Better Urban Ecosystems?
How to Impregnate a Rhino
This mock pandemic killed 150 million people. Next time it might not be a drill.
Ebola outbreak opens way to chaotic jockeying to test experimental drugs
Well, friends, since you asked: let’s talk about RAT SCROTUM BEETLES.


The Deadly Incel Movement’s Absurd Pop Culture Roots (must-read)
NFL owners tried to make Trump happy. Instead, they signed up for more bullying.
Get ready for a brutal election about Trump’s racism and authoritarianism
Cynthia Nixon for Governor
Howard Schultz’s Bold Gamble: Is America Ready for an Unctuous Billionaire Preaching Austerity Economics and a Full-Throated Defense of the Status Quo?
How we save lives
Police follow as guardsman takes personnel carrier on unscheduled deployment
In Fight To Lead The D.C. Council, A Battle Over Principles And Pragmatism
True Tales of ‘Sex and the City’
Paying for Cancer Cures: Why Should It Be the Victims?
Last Night’s Alabama Primary Shows How Ugly It Will Get in November
Trump just sent a horrible message about African American dissent
The Proper Response to Roseanne—and to Trump
The Return of the Spoils System
Finding a Fix: Embedded with the suburban cops confronting the opioid epidemic.

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