Links 6/7/18

Links for you. Science:

These Lizards Are Full of Green Blood That Should Kill Them
New population of genetically distinct blue whales discovered in New Zealand
How to Get Away With Scientific Fraud
Someone, somewhere, is making a banned chemical that destroys the ozone layer, scientists suspect
Top Democrats Want Answers On Global Health Security Head’s Sudden Departure


Credulity and Barbarity in the Age of Trump (excellent)
In Defense Of Social Justice
Ukraine’s Dolphin Army Is Dead After Refusing Russian Military Takeover, Claims Kiev
The future of the GOP currently is a long, painful decline. Paul Ryan saw the writing on the wall — who’s next?
“I am a very serious person”
Could Melania Trump be annoyed with her husband about something?
3 tweets on impeachment
It’s Time For Some Game Theory!
Megan McArdle Knows Absolutely Nothing About Any Form Of War And Wouldn’t Even If A Member Of The Military Bit Her!
Donald Trump’s Party of One
A Christian Nationalist Blitz
The NY Times Flacks for an Extreme Religious Right Politician
A Worse California Candidate Than Gil Cisneros– Meet Mike Levin
How the Media Rewards Bad Faith
Sheffield’s Youngest Ever Mayor Is Everything Middle England Hates
A Sense of Where You Are

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