Links 5/21/18

Links for you. Science:

Rehabilitation of Science Cheaters
A Cancer Researcher Was Caught Using Her Own Blood For Almost 100 Samples (amazing that she didn’t think people running a genetics study wouldn’t figure this out…)
Pruitt’s Own Scientist Appointees Challenge EPA Science Restrictions
The Evolutionary Trap That Wiped Out Thousands Of Butterflies
Eyeless, Mouthless, Bone-Eating Worm Named After Jabba the Hutt


We are disarming America’s future
America Is So Very Sorry for Profiling You (Again)
I tried leaving Facebook. I couldn’t
A Public Option for the Internet
Taking Children from Their Parents Is a Form of State Terror
Hey, Have You Heard of This Guy Bruce Springsteen?
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the culture war: Now the right hates both groups
The VA is working just fine, thank you very much
American democracy has faced worse threats than Donald Trump
Democrats: Prepare to Pack the Supreme Court
Remembering the Battle of Negro Fort, one of the most important and forgotten events in U.S. history, 200 years later

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